The Best Snorkeling In Belize

Ambergris Caye, Belize

The Best Snorkeling In Belize

Where are some of the best snorkeling places in Belize? We would like to show you a few of our favorite places to go!

Shark Ray Alley Shark Ray Alley

Shark Ray Alley is a popular dive spot here in Belize and is a hotspot for mostly harmless nurse sharks and the smaller southern sting rays. This spot is where the local fishermen used to come to clean their catches of the day which filled the waters with nibbles that were perfect for the bottom feeding sting rays and nurse sharks. It didn’t take long for these animals to realize that they could come here for a reliable meal, so they told all of their friends to join them! Local divers started coming here as well and are able to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. The divers actively feed them to ensure their return over and over.


The sharks and sting rays listen for the boats coming in and then swarm the area waiting on lunch to be served. Professional divers keep the animals in the area by feeding them while others get to swim along side and watch the interaction from underwater.

The water in this area is only approximately 8 feet deep. Shark Ray Alley also has a number a gorgeous reefs to view while you are under the water. This is certainly a must-see when you are in this area!


Hol Chan

Hol Chan means ‘little channel’ in the Maya language. This beautiful area has been a natural ‘hang out’ for all kinds of marine life here.Hol Chan

In the 1980’s Hol Chan became a Reserve, as it was recognized that it held an abundant amount of marine life. The reserve is located about 9 miles north east of Caye Caulker and is approximately 30 feet deep. No fishing is allowed here so the sea is brimming with beautiful sea creatures of every kind. Large schools of barracuda, snappers, grouper, jacks and so much more can be seen in this area. You can see tons of healthy coral, drop offs, seagrass, sand beds and more.

When you get outside of the barrier reef, the bottom of the ocean slowly slopes off into the Caribbean Ocean. This is another beautiful dive hotspot that is a must-see on your adventures!

Mexico Rocks

Best Snorkeling in Belize | Mexico RocksMexico Rocks may be one of the top favorites for divers here in Belize. This hotspot is located just north of Ambergris Caye and is also part of the Hol Chan Marine reserve. Made up of a complex of patch reefs, (small, isolated platforms of coral) Mexico Rocks is popular for larger coral formations and an abundant amount of marine life. There are approximately over 100 patch reefs in this area along with a small cave for your viewing pleasure.

A couple of friendly sea turtles have made this beautiful reef their home which makes for an unforgettable and amazing experience!
Be sure to see these top hotspots for marine life as well as coral and other beautiful sea plants.
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