An Overnight Sailing Vacation in Belize: Un-BELIZE-able!

Ambergris Caye, Belize

An Overnight Sailing Vacation in Belize: Un-BELIZE-able!

An Overnight Sailing Vacation in Belize: A Vacation You’ll Never Forget!

Shout out to LifebyLinda – it was awesome having you and your family with us! Come back again soon! Are you and your family looking for something amazing to do during your next vacation? If you love the sun, snorkeling, swimming, and fresh fish–you’ll love an overnight sailing vacation in Belize. Overnight sailing vacations are one of the most unique ways to visit and see Belize, and it will be an experience that you will surely treasure and remember forever. If you are planning on going on an overnight sailing vacation to Belize soon, or you simply want to know what one of these unique vacations is really like, take a look at this guide on what to expect from an Overnight Sailing Vacation in Belize.

Before You Go: What to Pack for an Overnight Sailing Vacation in Belize

Before you head out on your Overnight Sailing Vacation in Belize, you’ll need to pack some essentials. It’s important that you pack light, as there will not be room for a ton of luggage. The essentials should include: sunscreen, a bathing suit,  some light changes of clothes,  a flashlight, something to occupy your time in the evening (such as books) and of course, a camera or smart phone with a waterproof case.

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Once you get to the boat, you’ll be introduced to our world-class crew whose sole job is to ensure that your have an amazing time during your overnight boat charter. Get settled in: your vacation begins now!

What to Expect: Days at Sea on the Crystal Clear Waters of Belize

Next, it’s time to head out onto the water. Your crew will likely talk to you about where you’ll be going that day. Most overnight sailing trip in Belize’s go to various secluded or private snorkeling and swimming areas so that you can get the snorkeling experience outside of popular, tourist-heavy locations. You’ll stop at a few places and get a chance to snorkel, see wildlife, swim and have a great time.

Your crew will then prepare lunch for everyone on board. Lunch is usually fresh fish caught right off the boat, which makes for a very fresh and very delicious meal. After lunch, you’ll head out again towards another location picked by your crew. You may do some more snorkeling, exploring, etc, until it’s dinnertime.

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Evening and Overnight: An Experience You Will Never Forget

At dinnertime, you’ll either get another amazing fresh fish meal or you may head inland towards a local restaurant–it really depends on the company and the particular package. All of our overnight sailing trips include fresh food and drinks as part of the vacation package. We can customize the menu to meet your particular needs/wants – just ask!

After viewing an amazing sunset, it will be time to head to bed. Accommodations vary: sleep in the well-appointed rooms on our beautiful yacht, set up tents on a private beach and enjoy a relaxing night under the stars, or check into a world-class beach resort for some shut-eye. Or spend a night under the stars and enjoying the company of your friends and family. This is YOUR trip after all.

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In the morning, it will be time to freshen up, get changed, nab some breakfast, and head out with your crew and group for another amazing day of exploring the incredible waters of Belize.

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