Belize Snorkeling Trips

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ambergris Caye Belize Snorkeling Trips

Looking for a world-class vacation spot where you can enjoy pristine beaches, world-class diving, and breath-taking views? Look no further than Ambergris Caye, Belize! The island of Ambergris Caye can be found to the northeast of the country of Belize, and it is the largest of the many beautiful island Cayes that can be found in Belize. Ambergris Caye is a veritable paradise: soak up the sun on-deck as we cruise along the reef…get up and close with wonderful wildlife…enjoy a delicious drink under a coconut tree in between dives. Let us take you on a Belize dive adventure that you will never forget! Looking for something awesome to do during your Belize vacation? Check out our Belize Snorkeling Trips!

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Hol Chan Marine Reserve: Belize marine life at its finest

One of the best spots for a Belize Snorkeling trip is the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Since the reserve has become a protected area in recent years, the amount of marine life has increased dramatically. This means that you can see many more sea creatures swimming around the coral reef that is located there.

The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is comprised of four different zones and each one has its own marine habitat. Zone A is the coral reef section that can be found to the north of the channel. This is where you can find elkhorn coral, sponges, and many other corals attaching together. During a Belize Snorkeling trip here, you will spot the massive lobster population of this area as well as blue tangs, triggerfish, parrot fish, barracuda, and juvenile sea turtles. You will find yourself in depths of one to two meters in many spots until you reach ten meters as you get closer to the sea.

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Among the grass beds of Zone B, you will discover patches of Thalassia and Syringodium amongst all the other algae. This is where most of the Queen Conch live, but bottlenose dolphins and manatees have also been known to commonly swim in the area. While all of that would be quite interesting, there are two other impressive features within Zone B. The first is the Boca Ciega blue hole, which is near the northwestern border of the zone, and it is where schools of fish gather regularly. The second is Neptune’s Garden at the southwestern section of this zone and there is quite the unusual amount of sponge and algae beds there.

Zone C has numerous mangrove Cayes amongst the channels that you can navigate easily. The seagrasses mingle with the algae, sponges, invertebrates, and juvenile fish. While you will want to spend most of your time underwater exploring this impressive part of the area on your Belize Snorkeling trip, you may want to come up for air on occasion to see the numerous birds that roost above the water.

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Shark Ray Alley: One of the Best Things to Do and See in Belize!

Shark Ray Alley is the more common name for Zone D and it is normally the most popular choice for divers. There is a maximum depth of just over nine meters in this area, but the visibility is excellent at any level. While you will see numerous varieties of fish during your dive here, you will be most fascinated by the nurse sharks and stingrays. You will have ample opportunities to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures in their native habitat. This unique Belize experience is not to be missed! These sea creatures are quite friendly are accustomed to interacting with humans… but you will want to remember that they are wild animals and should be given plenty of space.

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The Belize Barrier Reef: The Second Largest Barrier Reef in the World!

You may want to venture out to the second largest barrier reef in the world during your Belize Snorkeling trip. You will be able to spend hours exploring the shapes, colors, and varieties of marine life that are found around the coral reef. There are four different sections of atoll reefs, but Banco Chinchorro is the one that you will want to visit if you are looking to go wreck diving. Did we mention that Belize is consistently ranked one of the Best Wreck Diving spots in the world?

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Within the Lighthouse Reef (one of the atoll reefs mentioned above), is the Great Blue Hole. This sinkhole famously named one of the world’s best dive sites by the famous Jacques Cousteau. If you plan on doing this phenomenal dive, you will need to have done at least twenty-four dives in the past. The reason for this is that it is quite dark during this dive, which is very different from the brightness of many of the other dives that you have completed. While you are diving the Great Blue Hole, you will be rewarded with incredible views of impressive underwater stalactites.

Any of our Ambergris Caye Belize Dive Trips is guaranteed to be absolutely unforgettable! You’ll get up close and personal with all manner of marine wildlife and have ample opportunity to enjoy all of the fascinating sights and sounds of this world-famous dive spot.

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